I don’t need a reason to bake. Baking has been my happy place since I discovered my love for baking while caring for my newborn second son. Once I got the KitchenAid mixer all bets were off! What hand mixer?! Today I’m sharing the perfect recipe for a cake that I was able to make … Continue Reading

What to Wear for Date Night When It’s Freezing Outside.

Date-night dressing is already complicated enough. Do you wear a fancy dress or keep it casual-cool in jeans? Go for an eye-catching color or an understated neutral? Should you attempt those killer heels or be comfortable in no-fail flats? But when you throw some winter weather into the mix, the challenge can be enough to make … Continue Reading

7 Things You Shouldn’t Buy When You’re Tight on Money

We all experience moments in our lives when excess spending just isn’t option, whether they’re due to extra bills, loans, or a change in careers. At times like these, it’s smart to reconsider your shopping habits in order to feel more financially secure. Yes, this of course means budgeting differently in terms of food, beverages … Continue Reading

Health Tips And Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind.

What does health tips and tricks mean? Well, these are simple hacks for a better health and for your body. Yes, it’s not just the tech area that have tips and tricks, health also does. And today am about to reveal to you some the best health tips, tricks and hacks. These will definitely blow your mind. So … Continue Reading

Health Tips For Effective Time Management

Time is something that almost every human being has a had a problem handling, because it waits for nobody. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t wait for you, it also flies very fast. So you can see why many people struggle with keeping to time. Effectively managing your time is very important, because good … Continue Reading

Natural Remedies That Will Help You Sleep Properly.

We are all made up of different strands of DNA. Some of us sleep like babies, some have insomnia and some fall on many levels of the spectrum in between. With media and social media pressing stories all over the place, we are introduced to horror stories of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies shelving the … Continue Reading

Top 10 Effective Natural Remedies For Constipation

Are you suffering from constipation? Are you looking for quick and effective ways to get rid of it and fast? You are not alone as constipation is one of the most common medical conditions in the western world. What is constipation? As we eat, our digestive system will break down food so that we can … Continue Reading

Madewell Bag Hollywood Is Obsessed With

When not one, not two, but three celebrities all own the same affordable bag, you know it has to be good. And you can bet that Madewell’s Small Transport Crossbody Bag ($128) definitely is. Lea Michele, Jessica Alba, and Billie Lourd are all fans of the versatile style, and we can definitely see why. Available … Continue Reading

The Best Hacks for Returning Holiday Gifts

We’ve all been there: You opened that perfectly wrapped gift box with high hopes, only to be slightly underwhelmed by its contents. Did you unwrap a not-so-cute jacket? Receive a pair of shoes you’d rather swap for the Nike Cortez you’ve been eyeing? Get a kitschy dress you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? Don’t fret. … Continue Reading

Who Even Needs a Full Outfit When You’ve Got a Coat Like Zendaya’s?

Statement outerwear is a requisite part of the season, but sometimes it doesn’t get enough love in any given outfit. Functionally, you throw on a coat before you head out the door, and you remove it when you get to your destination. But who says you can’t just wear it as your entire look, and get … Continue Reading