Date-night dressing is already complicated enough. Do you wear a fancy dress or keep it casual-cool in jeans? Go for an eye-catching color or an understated neutral? Should you attempt those killer heels or be comfortable in no-fail flats? But when you throw some winter weather into the mix, the challenge can be enough to make you want to stay home and #NetflixandChill. So to give you some winter-ready date-night outfit inspiration, we’re turning to some of our favorite fashion It girls to show us how it’s done.


On Kendall Jenner: Monica Rose x Sarah Chloe necklace; For Love & Lemons bodysuit; Beau Souci kimono; Saint Laurent bag; Balenciaga leggings; Gianvito Rossi pumps

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On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Balmain x H&M jacket; Paige leggings ($199); Saint Laurent bag; Giuseppe Zanotti boots.

The Arrivals Modular Leather Moto ($745)

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On Chrissy Teigen: Balmain cardigan and skirt 

Sonia Rykiel Metallic Stripe Cotton-Blend Midi Skirt ($720)

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On Olivia Palermo: Tibi top pants; BaubleBar Occult necklace


On Victoria Beckham: Cutler and Gross sunglasses; Victoria Beckham; Francesco Russo pumps

Everlane Wool-Cashmere Rib Oversized Turtleneck Sweater ($125)

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On Behati Prinsloo: Prada coat; T by Alexander Wang dress; Manolo Blahnik sandals 

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We all experience moments in our lives when excess spending just isn’t option, whether they’re due to extra bills, loans, or a change in careers. At times like these, it’s smart to reconsider your shopping habits in order to feel more financially secure. Yes, this of course means budgeting differently in terms of food, beverages (you don’t need all of those Starbucks lattes), and entertainment, but also your fashion spending. Below, we’re highlighting seven style items you shouldn’t buy when you’re tight on money. Avoid these items and you’ll be well on your way to a better financial future.

Keep scrolling for our guide, and go a bit further to shop classic must-haves that are worth it when you are ready to shop again.

What does health tips and tricks mean? Well, these are simple hacks for a better health and for your body.
Yes, it’s not just the tech area that have tips and tricks, health also does.
And today am about to reveal to you some the best health tips, tricks and hacks.
These will definitely blow your mind. So please sit back and prepare to be amazed!!!
1. How to open a blocked nose
Do you normally have cold and catarrh? Is your nose always blocked you have to breath through your mouth? Here is how to open a stuffed nose. There are numerous ways but this is the simplest.
You pinched your two nose tightly and close your mouth so that you’re no longer breathing. As you do so,
Rock your head back and forth, do this till you can’t hold your breath anymore.
Once you release your nostrils, voila! you can easily breath through your nose. This is because nasal congestion is aided by blood vessels, and when you stop breathing your brain tells those blood vessels to decongest.
Note, this trick doesn’t really last.
2. How to feel less pain
Have you ever taken injections? Yes I’m sure you have. Now these are some pretty cool that will help you feel very little pain.
 Squeeze something, because you need something to direct your pain to.. (Hope am not sounding like a shaolin master). Preferably a tennis ball.
 Cough, According to some German researchers coughing can reduce the feeling of pain. Because the pain that is felt in your chest and upper body will inhibit the pain you could feel from the injection.
 Listen to music.
3. How to stop eating too much
Sometimes we just can’t control the amount or the rate at which we eat. Here’s some tricks for that.
• Eat slowly. Eating too much food has been linked with how fast we eat, so if you want to eat less you have to eat slow. What if you are a fast eater? Here is what you should do, listen to a slow, soft music while eating. That’ll just do the trick.
 Chew gum. Yes, chewing gum can reduce appetite a lot.
 Drink two glasses of water before eating.
4. How to stop a sneeze
Sneezes are annoying and so loud, believe me I understand. This is an awesome trick to help you stop or rather intercept a sneeze.
Once you feel a sneeze coming, here are things you should do.
• Breathe in deeply
• Press your lower lip against your upper lip very well
• Massage your nose vigorously.
And abracadabra the sneeze has retreated.
5. How to stop a hiccup
Hiccups are equally annoying and irritating. There are many different ways that have been said to cure hiccups, but you can’t do most of them in public. For example one method is;
• Standing up and holding one of your legs behind your back with your hand, and using the other hand to shut your nose tightly. Then you jump till the hiccup stops. That can’t be done in public.
Other ways include:
• Drinking water with a straw while you fingers are covering your ear
• Eating a little amount of salt
• Drink water upsidedown
6. How to swallow a bitter pill
Swallowing pills can be a bit of a challenge, because sometimes there taste are really awful. How do you easily swallow a bitter drug easily? The difficulty there is that you want to swallow a pill fast ,but you don’t know how to get it to your throat.  That is why you tilt your head backwards so fast. Here’s what you should be doing.
• Instead of tilting your head back, you should move it forward. It helps faster swallowing, because the drug is going to float in the water, back, till it gets to your throat. You won’t even know when you have swallowed the drug.
7. How to stay longer before going to the restroom
This is a very necessary health hack you should take note of. It’s common that we find ourselves in circumstances were we really need to use the restroom but can’t because of a certain situation. Now here’s what you can do.
 Distract yourself by thinking of something else, maybe Nicki minaj or Taylor lautner. This may seem very difficult but it works very well.
 You can also scratch the back of your calf very vigorously. This helps by ‘deceiving’ your brain to forget about the visit to the toilet for a short time.
Time is something that almost every human being has a had a problem handling, because it waits for nobody. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t wait for you, it also flies very fast. So you can see why many people struggle with keeping to time.
Effectively managing your time is very important, because good time management is the key to accomplishing simple daily activities to difficult and longer ones.

There are so many tips offered to deal with bad time management such as to avoid procrastinating and start prioritizing. Those tips are very good. However the most important way to effectively manage your time is by making healthy choices.
Your health is very important in everything you do, that’ why today you’ll learn the health tips for effective time management. These health tips are scientifically shown to improve your body and time management skills, stay tuned.
How do you know if you are not managing your time well?
Just like diagnosing an illness, you first of all understand the symptoms before giving out the treatment.
What are signs that show that you do manage your time appropriately?
1) Are you always arriving late for any event, no matter how important it is?
2) Do you wake up late and disgruntled?
3) Do you not keep to deadlines, including those you personally set?
4) Do you always forget or find it difficult to hand in reports on time?
If you answered ‘yes’ to 3 or more of the above questions then you really these tips. Remember we’ll look at it from the ‘health angle’. What are the health tips that can help you keep to time? Find out…
1. Sleep correctly
Generally, early to bed, early to rise is the best way to manage your time but a proper and apposite sleep is much more potent. Sleeping on time is very good, however following the right sleep pattern is how you effectively manage your time.
A healthy body requires quality sleep to function adequately. Note that it’s ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’, you don’t need to sleep more, in fact too much sleep will make you manage time poorly. Don’t treat sleep like a luxury, but instead a necessity. You need to sleep correctly, as an adult 7 hours of quality sleep will do.
Proper sleep will help you remember things better and increase your performance level in every activity. This means better time management and improved mental health.
2. Spend less time on electronic gadgets
We live in a world where everyone can’t do without there smartphone or any other electronic gadgets.
Too much use of gadgets can affect our brain and our sleep. Most of the people who forget things easily or do not keep to deadlines are those who use electronic gadgets to a fault. Reducing the time you spend on your TV, laptop and smartphone can help you stay healthy and keep to time.
How can you do this? Understandably, it may seem difficult, but curbing your screentime can help you keep to time and achieve your simple daily tasks. If you have an event to attend or work to do, try this. One hour before you sleep no phone, no laptop, no TV. Just finish all technology related activity one hour before bedtime.
3. Get out of bed immediately after waking
This is a health tip that very few people know. Do you know that people who stay in bed for long after waking  up are 80% likely to go late to anywhere?
This is something that everyone is guilty of, after waking up you are still in bed, lying down. You should get up immediately you wake, because it puts in the right frame of mind to go early and avoid procrastinating, hope you understand.
4. Make Exercising A Habit
Exercise is good for a healthy lifestyle. A person that makes fitness and exercise a priority will keep to time better than someone who doesn’t.
Exercising is important in time management because it helps you both physically and mentally. Physically, by keeping your body strong and mobile, you can keep to time even when you feel tired. Mentally, by clearing your mind and helping you overcome mental distraction.
Also practice, yoga and deep breathing exercises to improve your mental health.
5. Eat the right food at the right time
In effective time management, much depends on what we eat and when we eat. You don’t eat a very heavy food the night before attending an early event. If you even what to eat something heavy  it should be eaten 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet is also essential.
A healthy mind and body is the key in managing your time. Remember time doesn’t wait  for you and it also flies very fast.
We are all made up of different strands of DNA. Some of us sleep like babies, some have insomnia and some fall on many levels of the spectrum in between. With media and social media pressing stories all over the place, we are introduced to horror stories of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies shelving the stores with toxic and addictive products.
One source we can always turn to is nature. Nature supplies life with a bounty of aids and solutions for many ailments. If you have a few restless nights or have trouble sleeping, these natural remedies will aid you sleep soothingly.
Lavender is one of the most soothing and therapeutic flowers on the market. You can buy a bouquet of dried up lavender or get some lavender essential oil. If you have some dried lavender at home, rub the buds in between your fingers to extract the powerful and sought after scent of this soothing botanical. Go ahead rub the buds and work it into the skin where you would like it to be.
If you have essential oil, you can use a small spray bottle, add some distilled water and a few drops of lavender essential oil and spray on your pillows or anywhere your heart desires.
You can also add some drops to your bath to take a soothing and aromatic bath. It has been shown that lavender slows down breaths and calms the nerves and body.
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is a miracle worker when it comes to relaxation. Sipping on some chamomile tea is the ultimate in relaxation. The chamomile flower has many benefits including promoting rest and relaxation. It’s not just the chamomile however, though it’s the star of the show, sipping on a warm cup of steaming tea is also soothing in of itself.
Let’s face it, many of us are so busy that we forget to take time to stretch. Even the most fit forget to stretch. Whether you work out or not, stretching is essential in balancing body and muscle fluids.
Before going to bed, lay down on your back with a towel or a yoga block under your hips. Raise your legs straight up the the ceiling, creating your body into a “L” shape. This move circulates blood flow to your upper body and helps rest your mind.
However, any form of relaxing and slow stretching is a good way to say goodnight to your body and the long day.
Natural Sleep Aids
Sometimes nothing seems to help in falling asleep, if this is the case, there are natural sleep aids on the market that help you go to dreamland. Be sure that they are non habit forming and are derived from as many natural compounds as possible.
Sleep aid supplements are especially good during major events in life. Sleep is essential no matter what you do. Getting a good night rest helps you perform better in anything and everything that you do.
Sometimes we all just have so much going on in our minds that we keep thinking our way through a sleepless night. Sometimes if you’re mind keeps going, it’s good to stop thinking about the reality and go into fantasy mode. Use your imagination, for example if you had 3 wishes, what would they be? Or what would you do with a billion dollars? This type of thinking gets you ready to go into dreamland and also gets your mind off of the endless realism that will be waiting when the sunrises.
Final Thought
Before getting a prescription, try and solve the problem naturally. It will be a learning experience and is well worth the journey in what works well for you, the natural way.

Are you suffering from constipation? Are you looking for quick and effective ways to get rid of it and fast? You are not alone as constipation is one of the most common medical conditions in the western world.

What is constipation?
As we eat, our digestive system will break down food so that we can absorb all the nutrients and water. Sometimes the foods are not broken down and hence could lead to painful stooling or hard stool. This is known as constipation. Constipation is a very common health problem, affecting over 20% of American each year.
There are many natural ways to help relieve constipation. You can do these in the comfort of your homes.
These are top 10 natural home remedies to help relieve constipation

1. Drinking a lot of water

Drinking a good amount of water to stay hydrated is a great way to relieve yourself from constipation.
In fact, ig you drink less water you can become constipated. So to avoid this, it’s very imperative to
drink enough water and stay hydrated. For one, keeping hydrated by drinking a lot of water can help improve digestive functioning. When the body gets enough water,
the digestive system can process nutrients and the metabolic wasted get to move from the body faster and better. The muscles is the digestive system are
also more efficient. In summary, if you feel constipated, drinking water can help you get better, as well as help you prevent constipation.
Drinking warm water can also help you ease constipation.

2. Lemon Water


Lemon water is another effective natural remedy for constipation. Lemon water is simply fresh, natural juice made from lemons.
The citric acid present in lemon water is capable of stimulating your digestive system, which aids in ridding your body from toxins and providing quick relief from constipation.
Drinking lemon water can also help you prevent constipation and give you a lot of other amazing health benefits.

3. Beans


Beans is a very good food that improves digestion and aids in relieving constipation. You can tell by the way it makes you fart. One is that it is rich in fiber
The fiber softens your stool making it easier you to pass it out. Beans also possess nutrients essential for muscle health and function.

4. Prunes


Prunes are fiber-rich fruits which automatically makes them a powerful natural home remedy for constipation. Prunes are also high in  sorbitol, which is a carbohydrate the body digests slowly. It helps in softening stool and making you defecate properly, without shedding tears.

5. Senna

Senna is known herb used to
relieve constipation.
Senna is made up of compounds
called glycosides, which aids in boosting bowel movement in
your gut.
Senna is usually not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or people with inflammatory bowel

6. Foods rich in Magnesium

Magnesium is one if the body’s electrolytes and it’s main function is to coordinate muscle movement in the body.
Since, magnesium is essential to muscle function and the peristaltic movement of food along the gut, a deficiency of
magnesium has been linked with
To prevent constipation, add adequate magnesium to your diet. Examples of foods high in magnesium are nuts, fish and
green leafy vegetable.

7. Fibers rich foods and herbs

If you noticed, I always mentioned high fiber among many of the natural remedies for constipation. That is because a high fiber diet, can greatly improve your digestive system. Here are some group of foods and herbs that can really help you.
Sprouted chia seeds, fenugreek and flaxseeds are high in fiber and helpa in lubricating the colon. You can also take flaxseed oil too. Another herb is psyllium husk. These herbs
stimulates the intestines to
contract and helps speed up bowel movement through the
digestive tract. All these herbs should be taken with enough water.
Foods particularly high in
fiber include broccoli, sesame seeds, bran, lentils, oatmeal, almonds,

8. Castor oil


Castor oil is a popular laxative used to treat constipation. It is an effective natural remedy for constipation that has been used for a long time in ancient medicine.
Castor oil is a stimulant laxative, it enhances the movement of the intestines, thus making the stool to come out on time. During surgical sessions, castor oil can also be used to clean out the intestines for examination before a bowel surgery. You can read my article on the health benefits of castor oil.

9. Coffee


Yes! Coffee is another helpful natural remedy for constipation. Coffee is capable of speeding the digestion process. Coffee aids digestion by stimulating the colon. It is rich in fiber, oil, and water.
Coffee is also a diuretic, which makes sure you to keep
drinking water, thus helping you prevent and relieve constipation.

10. Exercising


I have always hailed exercising as a very healthy habit. This is especially true when it comes to avoiding or remedying constipation.
Engaging in physical activity improves muscle function, boosts metabolism and stimulates digestion. After taking a heavy meal and you feel sleepy, it is advisable to go for a short walk of probably fifteen minutes to make the digestive process a lot easier.
Should in case you have constipation, pelvic floor exercises can be effective in relieving constipation than even laxatives.
Simple exercises like yoga, running, swimming and jogging can help aid digestion too.

Note: Before taking any natural remedies for constipation you should consult your doctor and find out if it is safe for you.