Zazalandia Universal Bassinet Wedge

100% Waterproof Layer & Handcrafted Cotton Cover
This Zazalandia Universal Bassinet Wedge is the solution you have been waiting for! This Safe Lift sleep wedge will optimally incline your baby and toddler’s body during periods of discomfort, associated with a range of uncomfortable ailments. By elevating your child’s body, your baby sleeps more soundly during naps and throughout the night.
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Our perfect 12 degree incline Universal Bassinet Wedge will props up your child’s head and body. This raised orientation adds max comfort which leads to better sleep. This Universal Bassinet Wedge comes with a free Bonus Second Printed cover with owls. Buy Now

Easy-to-clean waterproof cover

No laundering required! You can easily remove stain, odors and mold from this baby wedge! The cover protects the bassinet wedge from baby spit-up, drooling and diaper leaks. You get a stress free cleaning with warm water & soap. Buy Now

Best gift to new mom

Are you looking for the best and suitable gift to give to a nursing mom? This wedge is here for you! It is the perfect gift that will put a smile on the face of the receiver. No other gift is more better then one which brings comfort and security to a baby!

It is also very effective for pregnant women, which can put the sleeping wedge between their knees during sleep or support them in their sitting position. Buy Now

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How many of your friends shared their art doppelgängers on Instagram this weekend? The Google Arts & Culture app compares your selfie to a historic work of art, and it seems like everyone had fun sharing their results, which ranged from spot-on to hilariously cringeworthy. The viral phenomenon got us thinking: What if our favorite fashion icons took the challenge and submitted a selfie? We did some art history digging and hand-picked paintings that look just like your favorite industry icons.

Grace Coddington, for example, bears a resemblance to Queen Elizabeth I, and as it turns out, Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour, and Ralph Lauren have strikingly similar doppelgängers too. Read on to see our side-by-side comparisons. Which one is your favorite?

We’re 100% here for Jessica Biel’s shoe choices as of late, and the designer sneakers that she wore with an oversize sweater and skinny leather pants to LAX yesterday are no exception. But don’t let the word designer put you off—hear us out.

Given that it’s January, those breathable knit sneakers you wore all summer should probably continue to hibernate in your closet for the time being. Biel clearly is on the same page and opted to wear a pair of white and tan shearling-lined leather sneakers by Hogan. And the best part is that while they were originally $450, many sizes are marked down to a fraction of that on Farfetch.

Biel’s sneaker choice just goes to show that bulky winter boots aren’t a requirement when you live, or are traveling to, somewhere cold—just bundle your feet up in a pair of January-approved shearling-lined sneakers.

Here’s (arguably) the best news about tonight’s new moon: If you’ve been feeling even the slightest bit of regret for not setting fresh intentions for the New Year, tonight’s the perfect time to start. At least that’s the advice we got from someone who knows a lot more about this evening’s celestial happenings than we do—astrologer Natalia Benson—and who gave us some helpful advice to make the most of it. That includes what you stock your closet with, as well.

“New moons are always what’s considered a fresh start in the lunar cycle,” Benson tells us. But considering this one happens to be in Capricorn, “the most work-driven of the signs,” it’s especially fitting that you should approach this opportunity as one that’s a “new beginning,” she advises.

>Capricorns are “#girlboss status,” says Benson of this evening’s moon phase. Therefore, should you be scanning your favorite e-commerce site, keep your eyes peeled for something in the same spirit. “Stylistically put yourself into something that makes you feel empowered and bossy; think shoulder pads and chic pantsuits. New moons can be quite magical in terms of calling things into our lives, so dress the part of your goal and intention even if you aren’t directly experiencing it right now,” she says.

Not in the mood to spend your hard-earned cash? That’s fine too. “Do a comb-through of your closet and donate anything that doesn’t feel up to par with your goals or where you feel you are moving this year,” Benson adds.

J.Crew launched its latest denim collection today with several notable features. In addition to new denim silhouettes, like the below vintage straight jeans and a denim trench coat, the celeb-favorite retailer announced it’s adding sizes up to 35, which brings us to our point: J.Crew’s signature skinny fit, the toothpick jeans, are available in size 34 and 35 for the first time, and those sizes are the first to sell out in the new-arrivals section. The silhouette is also J.Crew’s highest rise ever (see below). Along with the new designs and sizes, J.Crew also debuted new washes that are perfect for spring. Shop the best-selling skinny jeans plus more of J.Crew’s new denim selection below.

A trench coat lends classic sophistication to any outfit, and lucky for us, it happens to be one of the easiest pieces to wear. We’ve curated our top styles for the season, from classic camel hues to of-the-moment patterns and detailing. Shop our picks below to add this bona fide closet essential to your wardrobe.

If you’re going to invest in any single item this season, make it the one of these gorgeous robe jackets. The easy add-on will instantly elevate your outfit and can even double as a dress!

Getting dressed when you’re expecting can be a logistical challenge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as fun as styling a great look during any other time of your life. As far as we’re concerned, maternity dressing can be as cool, as chic, and as interesting as anything else you may wear. And these 10 celebrity moms and moms-to-be set this example with aplomb.

Be it effortless leggings, an oversize statement coat, or a sleek shift dress, the ensembles ahead serve up outfit inspiration in spades. Click on for ideas you can use for all nine months.

Beyond black and white, navy is one of the most versatile shades you can add to your closet. It’s a foolproof classic on its own, but what are the best colors to wear with navy? Well, it turns out there are a lot of them out there. As fashion girls have proved on the street style scene, there are a number of hues that pair well with the deep blue color. If you’re interested in seeing the best ways to pull it off, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best outfits that will clue you in on how to pull it off in ways that are inventive and cool.

Welcome to Into Labels, a Who What Wear column that profiles the designers behind the brands we can’t stop talking about.

Maggie Hewitt is on the verge of creating a cult-favorite fashion brand. She’s got a signature aesthetic (laid-back tailoring and non-precious frills), a strong fan base among some of the smartest and coolest women in fashion (including Net-a-Porter’s Lisa Aiken and former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth), and at 23-years-old, she says she’s fortunate to have time on her side, as well. However of all the major achievements in the last year and a half since launching her line, Maggie Marilyn (her first and middle names), one of the best was gaining a fan in her 90s.

“At the end of last year, one of our stores told us that a 91-year-old woman bought one of our skirts,” Hewitt shared with us. “I was like ‘I can die happy.’” While it’s not a generational audience specifically that the New Zealand–based brand caters to, Hewitt says that creating clothing for all ages is something that’s very important to her. “The ethos behind the brand is really that it has a sense of optimism and that our girl feels like she can really go out there and change the world.”

For Maggie Marilyn’s first few seasons, this has translated to sharp pantsuits (a trend often associated with women who change the world) with a relaxed fit, elevated athleisure, and an apologetic use of ruffles—a detail that makes the label easy to pick out in a crowd. Or within a fashion week street style roundup. “That wasn’t preplanned,” she tells us about ruffles, assuring us its popularity is something that happened organically.


“For me, designing is such an extension of my own personal style and how I dress,” Hewitt explains about her collections. She calls her non-fussy-yet-statement-making line “livable luxury”—an approach that prioritizes things like beautiful fabrics while allowing a woman to live her life fully, less-luxurious moments included. “I definitely feel like the lifestyle we have in New Zealand is very laid-back and that’s where the sense of wearability in the clothes comes from,” adds the Kiwi designer. “It’s really important that our customer can wear a silk slip dress to work with a shirt paired underneath and she can wear it to a cocktail party in the same week.”

Of all the defining factors of Hewitt’s brand—inclusivity, luxury, and versatility—there’s another non-negotiable that the designer won’t compromise. “When I graduated university and I was thinking about starting my own label, for me the only way I wanted to have my brand was with a completely transparent supply chain,” Hewitt explains, “from where we get our trims and our buttons to ultimately where it’s manufactured. That has been a passion of mine.”


In order to follow through, Hewitt says that all her garments are made in New Zealand—no more than a 15-minute drive away from her—with the exception of her knits, which are produced in Italy. Having total transparency across her brand is something that Hewitt says is especially difficult since so many New Zealand brands have gone offshore to produce. But despite challenges, she prides herself on having a brand that can not only teach its consumers to understand where their clothing comes from but does right by those who create it. “It’s not a question that everyone in the supply chain should be treated with respect and paid a fair wage,” she says.

Five seasons into Maggie Marilyn, and it’s clear this fashion newcomer has had a promising start and, even better, has limitless momentum. “Missteps happen every day,” Hewitt admits when we ask her about any hard-learned lessons. “Everything can seem like rainbows and sunshine to an outsider but being young, starting your own business—it’s not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure.”