There are two quads in the upcoming MAC Padma collection (coming March 15), and this one is the one with the unmistakable pop of blue.

I never would’ve guessed that Padma would be into pastel powder shadows, but I’m usually staring at the food, rather than Padma’s makeup, when I’m watching Top Chef.

I do remember that she likes a bright inner corner highlight, and I guess that makes sense with the light green in the purple quad and the baby blue in this one.

1. A good beginner’s quad

I think Desert Dusk is the better beginner’s quad of the two quads in the collection, just because you get three lighter lid colors (a shimmery gold, a matte peach and that beautiful shimmery baby blue), and you also get a deep, delicious dark chocolate matte brown, which looks a little like MAC Brun, by the way, one of my favorite MAC browns of all time. If you blend any one of the three lighter colors on your lids, or a combination of them, then line your lash lines with the dark brown? You’re set. Easy-peasy!

2. For more complicated looks, though, you’ll need a separate transition shade.

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