Tonight on Top Makeup Chef, Dillon and Skyler face off in the Quick Fire 10-Minute Makeup Challenge! Before the day is over [FLASH TO HOST PADMA LAKSHMI], one of them will see their dreams on Top Makeup Chef come to an end. “Please pack your blush and go.”

You’ve gotta know Padmna Lakshmi. She’s the host of Top Chef, one of my favorite TV guilty pleasures, and how do I get a catchphrase, BTW? On Top Chef, Padma’s is “Please pack your knives and go.” Mine could be “So many cats, so little time,” or “The world is a vampire!” 🧛🏽


Padma’s new MAC collaboration comes out next week, and here are three things you should know about it.

1. Unfortunately, neither of the two Blush Duos is called “Please Pack Your Knives and Go.”

I would have loved them even more if they were, haha! One of them has a satiny peachy pink and a frosty orange — that one is the one that’s more like a traditional blush and highlighter duo — and one that has a neutral matte brown and a frosty beige.

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