Awww…freak out!

(Le freak, c’est chic!)


If you listen to disco, you know that your booty is guaranteed to start shaking whenever this song plays.

Le Freak, by the way, is also the name of one of the liquid lipsticks in the new $26 NARS NARSissist Wanted Power Pack Lip Kit in Cool Nude, which is coming exclusively to Ulta very soon — March 18th!

Cool Nudes is one of three new liquid lip kits from NARS, and each comes with two cute Powermatte Pigment minis. One of the shades is a re-promoted shade from the permanent line (American Woman), and the other, Le Freak, is a new limited edition pale pink.

The other liquid lippie, matte chestnut rose American Woman, is from the permanent Powermatte line, and I wear it all the time. I wear it so much that I’m constantly transferring it from purse to purse (it’s like a round robin!), and I don’t even know which purse my full-size one is in at the moment, so the other day I wore the mini instead.

Same color as its full-size brethren, and it’s just as lovely, light and comfortable.

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