So I’ve been doing The Five-Minute Journal now for about a month, and the big thing that’s helped me stick to it — and this is major because I’ve started and stopped more projects than I can count — is something so simple and really very elementary, and by ‘elementary’ I mean something that kids in kindergarten probably still do (because I did it about a bazillion years ago).

This: tracking your progress every day with gold ⭐ stars. (I use hand-drawn Sharpie stars because I couldn’t find gold sticker stars anywhere in my town.)

Every day you complete a task, and for me it’s filling out a page in the journal, you stick a star on the calendar, and after ‘X’ number of days, you treat yourself to a reward. 👠👗🍰

The reward part is totally key, but ya know…you don’t have to buy yourself a Lambo or anything. A trip to your favorite lunch spot so you can buy that bougie $20 salad you love so much (*cough* Blue Barn Tostada Salad *cough*), a new eyeliner, or — ooh! — a spa treatment (I WISH). I’m going to get myself some workout pants from Senita because I’m all about that high-waisted life these days.

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Have your flower crown days come and gone? Well we’ve got 10 alternatives for you to try this festival season. The fluffy and feminine floral headpieces we’ve long associated with outdoor music venues is now a thing of the past. They’ll always have a place in our hearts, but we’re hanging them up for good and moving on for more street style-inspired headgear.

Bucket hats, berets and visors all top our list of what to wear now and an added bonus is these styles provide sun protection. From sophisticated to sporty to super chic, there are a plethora of options for cool toppings.

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Matchy-matchy, but make it fashionmonochrome-makeup-makes-life-easier

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For someone who wears the same neutral eye makeup every day, I’m quite the palette hoarder. Sephora holds a lot of treasures, but there’s nothing better than a brand new batch of shadows in a black-and-white striped bag.

I’d bought the Urban Decay palettes, collected the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced. But there was one eyeshadow palette that always intrigued me. It was the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette and it was blowing up on social media. I was bombarded with the spectacular reviews, swatches of the fiery colours, and customers claiming it was worth the (hefty) price.

But it was a lot of money for some shadows — $162 to be exact — and every time I went to pick it up, I hesitated. But when the VIB sale—Sephora offers up discounts every year to loyal customers in their rewards program— came around last November, I knew that it was the perfect time to invest. I scored it for $130. After all, splurging feels so much better when your mind is focused on how much you’re saving.

Which is why I’m alerting you to the 2018 Spring Sale, which starts this Friday. Whether you’re stocking up on skincare, replenishing your tried-and-trues, or simply want to check out the new arrivals, the next two weekends are the perfect time to shop. Here, our top picks:

Spring Sale:

Friday 13 – Monday 16 (VIB Rouge only)  Friday 20 – Monday 23 (VIB Rouge, VIB, Insider)

VIB Rouge: 15 percent off + bag of free samples + Sephora branded card case

VIB: 15 percent off

Insider: 10 percent off



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