Actress Meghan Markle in the CAFA portrait studio in 2016. (Photography by George Pimentel/Getty Images Portrait)

As one of the few Toronto-media types with no solid Meghan Markle story to share, I like looking back on times when I could have met Prince Harry’s bride-to-be. Like many Canadians, I love our local and romantic link to the royal family, so when we happened upon a 2016 photograph of Markle at the 2016 CAFAs, we had to share it, because, well if you’ve been to the CAFAs before, that kind of means you almost met Markle, right?

To put this in context, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFAs) is an authentic celebration of Canadian fashion and it happens next Friday April 20th, 2018, in Toronto. Awards are given out with presenters and attendees looking their finest in Canadian designs while showing their support for the industry.

Back in 2016 Markle attended the CAFAs in a floor-length Jason Wu dress from his Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Wu, who started his line in New York, learned to sew while living in Vancouver as a boy. That year Markle stepped into the CAFA portrait studio where she posed for George Pimentel, who captured her awesome side eye. Who would know that just months later, in July, she’d meet her Prince?

So if I went to the CAFAs in 2015, and Markle went in 2016, and I’m going this year, that counts as a near connection, doesn’t it? I say, yes.

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You can go ahead and tell the awards committee that I’m ready to except my Genius of the Year Award 🙄 because I only recently — and by that I mean yesterday — realized that chamomile plants smell like chamomile tea.

OK, I know, but it wasn’t obvious to me…

TJ’s had these dainty white and yellow cut flowers that I thought were daisies at first, but nope, chamomile flowers. So I brought a bouquet home.

I’ve never had a bouquet of chamomile flowers before, and when I was cutting them and putting them in a vase, they smelled just like chamomile tea.


It’s the leaves that are the most fragrant, though, not the flowers, so if you pull off a leaf and rub it between your fingers, ooh! — it smells just like the tea.

I don’t know why this is so shocking to me, but it is…

Also blowing my mind is the fact that it’s Saturday, and I’m REALLY happy about that. 🙂 This was an extra long one for me because I tried a different morning schedule (Connor made me do it; she’s been waking up earlier), and I’m still trying to adjust.

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If you open Instagram at any given time, you’ll find at least one story where someone’s doing their makeup in the backseat of a car. Why would you need to do your makeup in a car, you ask? So you can sleep longer, wash your hair, watch another episode of Barefoot Contessa, organize the contents of your fridge alphabetically, the list goes on and on. It just saves a lot of time, okay?

It’s oddly mesmerizing to watch, and believe it or not, it’s actually way easier than you’d think. We’ve compiled all the products you need to pull off a face beat in the backseat in the most efficient and least screw up-able way. Browse the gallery below for a list of products that were basically made for a moving vehicle.

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German model Johannes Huebl is one of the most consistently best-dressed men on earth. Sophisticated but uncomplicated, these are his 15 best looks and how you can replicate them

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On April 10, basketball player Tristan Thompson was accused of cheating on his extremely-pregnant, extremely-famous girlfriend, Khloé Kardashian. (If for some inexplicable reason you haven’t been keeping up with this earth shattering scandal, read this 1020 word timeline before continuing.)

Then, one day after the reports broke, Thompson shared a stoic selfie on Instagram as part of a paid partnership with Neiman Marcus and GQ. “@ferragamo sunglasses are always the perfect accessory and of course look good on a man,” Thompson captioned the photo alongside the branded handles.


It’s probably safe for us to assume that the post was planned and scheduled long before Thompson was outed for cheating on his girlfriend NUMEROUS TIMES throughout her nine-month pregnancy. But seriously, could this timing have been any worse? This post is, to date, the only thing Thompson has said publicly since becoming the most hated man on earth.

Kardashian fans went in on Thompson’s photo, swarming the athlete’s Instagram comments with passionate insults. Some users opted for a snake emoji à la KimK and TSwift, some offered their support for Khloé in this difficult time. Others—our favourite trolls in the crowd—imagined the horrible things that they “hope” will happen to Thompson. What does this baby daddy’s future hold? Here are just eighteen possibilities:

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