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#kristenstewart in Cannes hair by @bridgetbragerhair styling @taraswennen makeup and Photo by me @beau_nelson #beaunelsonstudio

A post shared by Beau Nelson (@beau_nelson) on May 10, 2018 at 12:31pm PDT

I just bookmarked A BUNCH of makeup looks because one cannot extricate herself from a brown lid/nude lip rut completely on her own.

I’m tryin’, man!

OK, can we just talk about how this Kristen Stewart look has been haunting me for weeks, but, like, in a Casper the Friendly Ghost way? Makeup artist Beau Nelson did this look for Kristen recently at Cannes.

The the teal/electric blue action around her lash lines? I can’t even. It’s so bright and eye-catching, for sure, but check out the placement of the darker blue on her lower lash line. There’s some in the outer corner and just around bottom from the inner corner, and then with the teal pop in the center? That’s so cool!

I also like how restrained the rest of the look is, like the cool-toned matte brown eyeshadow in the crease and how it contrasts with the metallic on the lash line, and the subtle skin and cheeks and dainty pink lip.

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