Welcome to Women With Hair, a new series on the Cut that celebrates the many different ways women approach their hair. Each week will highlight a new woman while exploring her unique hair philosophy. We’ll dive deep into the shampoos, conditioners, and creams that make her tick. First up is Kassala Holdsclaw, a 22-year-old Portland, Oregon, transplant who worships at the altar of coconut oil.

How I describe my hairstyle: I have a very curly Afro. It kind of looks like a sun.

If I could name my hair, I’d call it: The White Dandelion.

In my shower you’ll find: DevaCurl gel and “No-Poo,” Tresemme’s Naturals conditioner, Shimmer Light’s toner and purple shampoo, and coconut oil.

I wash my hair every: Day. Everyone says “what, really?” but it works perfectly for me.

Photo: Mindy Byrd

A rundown of my hair regimen looks like: It depends on the day. I’ll use the No Poo every other day. I use so much conditioner it’s unreal. I go through a bottle a week and I’m not joking. I comb through with a wide-tooth comb and I don’t rinse all of the conditioner out of my hair. Then I put the gel and the coconut oil throughout my hair. I do this in the morning. I wish I could do this at night and just wake up, but it doesn’t work.

The worst thing I ever did to my hair was: Straighten it. I’ve been curly for two years. I threw my straightener away. There’s no way, ever again. Before I stopped straightening I was balding in the front and my hair was up to my ears, so I cut everything off and started over. I had no idea I had all of this hair.

The best thing I ever did to my hair was: Go curly.

I trim my hair every: Maybe every five months. I want it to be as big as possible.

My hairstylist is: Atoya at the Curly Hair Studio in Portland.

Photo: Mindy Byrd

The most important thing people with hair like me should know: Condition often and use coconut oil.

Check all that apply — my hair is dyed, is chemically straightened, is permed, has extensions, is braided/in locs: Just dyed!

Elaborate: My hairstylist bleaches my hair and then uses Olaplex. Olaplex saves my hair and makes my curls a lot more vibrant.

What I love most about my hair is: How big it is. I want people to not be able to see when they are standing behind me. I want it to be bigger. I usually pick it to make it more massive.

There are certain trends we’re a tad hesitant about. The return of scrunchies (thanks Mansur Gavriel), fashion(?) Crocs, squiggle brows and blurred lips. But perhaps the most divisive of all is the 80s staple that is crimped hair.

Yup, it’s back in full force on the runways and on celebs. The leader of the pro-crimp movement? None other than Beyoncé. She recently posted pics on Instagram swinging her fully crimped ponytail. But it wasn’t a one-off. She’s since posted more crimp-tastic images on her Insta, making the wavy hairstyle seem not only glam but also very 2018.

And she’s not alone. Dating back to 2016, other stars favored crimping on the red carpet. From Gabrielle Union to Anna Kendrick, the hair trend is becoming pretty pervasive.

Of course, designers have been brazenly experimenting with crimped hair for a few years now — it even appeared on a haute couture runway. While they tend to adhere to the go big or go home mantra, there are some looks that can translate to real life, like crimped tails on ponies or layered crimps under straighter strands.

Ready to try? Here are 22 examples of how to crimp in 2018, without a hint of 80s irony.