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Experts Agree: These Are the Best False Eyelashes Under £10


There’s one big debate that we find reoccurs every party season: Do you go for false lashes or not? Truth be told, it’s very much a beauty item we reserve for special occasions and major events when we know lots of pictures will be taken. But to achieve such a megawatt A-list-style appearance, do you need to fork out tonnes of cash? Quite simply, no. There are plenty of affordable false eyelashes on the market that are the best for making your eyes look incredible and selfie-ready.
To help you find the best false eyelashes, we’ve hunted down what the professionals use. And the best bit is they’re all under a tenner. Some of their answers might even surprise you, plus they have some great tips on how to apply the lashes, as well as a few hacks.

Product: Ardell Individuals (£5)
Recommended by:Joyce Bonelli
As one of the Kardashians’ regular go-to makeup artists, it’s no surprise that Bonelli has a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to giving the sisters their trademark long lashes. When doing Khloé’s makeup, Bonelli applies Ardell’s individual lashes before applying mascara for an off-duty but still glam look.


Product: Screenface Natural Eyelashes 307 (£5)
Recommended by:Lisa Eldridge
“If you haven’t used them before, I would suggest that you start with the half sets,” suggests Eldridge. Screenface offer plenty of options, but the 307s from the natural selection, give you a, you guessed it, natural look. Essentially, these go from the centre of your eye to the outer corner. Eldridge has plenty of other recommendations and tricks in her tutorial here.


Product: Eyelure Volume Lashes (£5)
Recommended by: Neil Young
Young recommends Eyelure’s lashes as they add volume and “a touch of sexiness to your eye makeup.” He also advises that “as with any false lash, ensure it fits the shape of makeup you’ve created and avoid synthetic lashes for a seamless finish.”

Product: Eldora Lashes Multi-Layered M103 (£8)
Recommend by:Pixiwoo
If you’re looking for something a bit different for New Year’s Eve that’s still at an affordable price point, then look no further than Eldora lashes. The ladies over at Pixiwoo have brought this brand to our attention with its range of incredible lashes. “There are some absolutely crazy ones,” says Pixiwoo, “but there are some great everyday lashes and some which are so natural you’d never guess you had them on.” We’re sold.


Product: Ardell Wispies Lashes Wispies Black (£5)
Recommended by: Mary Greenwell
Legendary makeup artist Greenwell won’t go anywhere without these lashes, saying they are “my number one favourites as they are 100% natural and divine. They have become an essential in my kit.”