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Canadian Designer Hayley Elsaesser Launched 10 Lipsticks With Annabelle Cosmetics—& They’re Epic


Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser is so well-known for her neon-bright designs that it was only a matter of time before she lent her sunny disposition to the beauty world. Partnering with Annabelle Cosmetics for a limited edition line of lipsticks, The Outrageous Collection by Hayley Elsaesser ($11 each), is a harmonious blend of bright shades and fun packaging featuring some of the designer’s most popular prints, like the signature lips that adorn many of her pieces.

The Outrageous Collection is made up of 10 lipsticks total (four of which are web exclusives; the others are available in drugstores). I texted Toronto-based Elsaesser to chat about the launch and find out what made her want to a lipstick collection.

“Growing up, makeup was as important to me as fashion. I still have memories of the first time I went out in a new blue eyeshadow. In high school, makeup was a major part of my self-expression, because I wore a uniform,” says Elsaesser. “Now a colourful lip is my ‘minimal makeup.’ The colours I’ve chosen for this collection are colours I can see myself wearing, but there’s definitely a colour for everyone.”

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