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Anybody Else’s Skin Purging Right Now?



I’m purging right now! And by “purging,” I’m not talking about the movie where people don masks and become crazed killers for one night. I’m talking about my skin breaking out, a.k.a purging, because I started using a heavy-duty glycolic acid toner about a month ago (the Advanced 10% Exfoliating Pads by BeautyRx, $70).

Shortly before the new year rolled around, I decided I was going to get my skin care routine on track (finally). I was going to start wearing sunscreen every day again (I know!), drink lots of water, and incorporate an acid toner into my routine, among other things.

I started with these pads and have been using them every other night for a month, and now my skin is breaking out.

Normally, when I’m just going about my usual business, I will occasionally get a zit here or there, but it’s been a while since a whole crop of little pimples showed up to the party… I’m assuming it’s because of the glycolic acid ramping up skin cell turnover and clearing out the stuff stuck in my pores.

This has happened to me before when I’ve added a heavy-duty exfoliating product into the mix.

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