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MAC Padma Lakshmi Collection: 3 Things to Know About the Powerpoint Eye Pencils – Makeup and Beauty Blog



OK, so, I’ve been blinking like Morse code blinks for the last, oh, I dunno…two or three minutes, trying to get this freshly applied eyeliner from the MAC Padma Lakshmi collection to transfer up into my crease, and it’s just not happening. This stuff is the real deal for longevity! The MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencils are usually waterproof and budge-proof, and so are these dual-ended versions, which are $18.50 each (coming March 15th to select MAC counters and the MAC website).

1. They’re a lot like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils.

Like the UD Glide-On Pencils, the MAC Powerpoints are light on their feet as they slide across your skin. They don’t glide quite as smoothly as a gel eyeliner, but still they are smooth, and they set VERY quickly (30 seconds or less).

These dual-enders from MAC Padma might look a little sheer in swatches, and I’ve noticed that the UD ones are like that, too, but once you build them up, the color looks rich, dark and deep. It doesn’t take a dozen layers, either. Just two or three at the most.

2. They’re long lasting on lash AND upper water lines.

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