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Saturday Surfing, March 10th, 2018 – Makeup and Beauty Blog



Goooooood morning! Ya know…I can’t remember the last time I actually surfed — like, got on a board and paddled out into the ocean. It’s been years!

I would like to remedy that situation soon, ideally in a warm body of water.

I realized looking at my calendar this morning that June is a little over two months away. Can you believe it?? That means summer is getting close, and yay, warm weather! Yay, no more oppressive pants and socks!

Last year I didn’t shop ahead of time and ended up getting a last-minute new swimsuit that was pretty cute, but it wasn’t my favorite, so this year I’m starting early, and this isn’t just something I’m doing with swimsuits. I’m trying to be better about not saving tasks for the last minute.

So, I’ve been researching swimsuits, and my main criteria are that 1) they can withstand active toddler grabby hands, 2) are mom-body friendly, and 3) are modest but not matronly. Sometimes I see tankinis and one-pieces, and I feel like they cover a little too much. Like, I don’t mind a bit o’ booty cheek hanging out, ya know?

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