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What Are the Biggest Changes You've Seen in Your Skin Over the Past Few Years? – Makeup and Beauty Blog



If there’s anything I’ve learned about my skin over the past few years it’s that…it’s keeping me on my toes. It never stays the same way for long, but I’ve definitely seem some general changes, for sure, with the biggest being the prominence of my “experience lines.” They’re much more prominent under my eyes, especially when I smile, which is why I’ve taken to wearing less concealer and color corrector there. Oh, and less powder too.

It’s just that if I pile that stuff on like I used to, everything looks heavy and…not super cute.

I’ve also noticed that my skin is getting drier and drier. I do still have my oily spots, like in the center of my forehead and around my nose, but my cheeks and my neck (especially) are getting drier as the years pass, and when I ignore it, it gets borderline painful.

Another thing — oh, my gosh! — pigmentation. Where do I even start with this? If I don’t stay on top of it with an acid toner or a serum to keep the pigmentation in check, I’ll get these uneven patches on my cheeks, and those patches, they’re aggressive, man.

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