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Saturday Surfing, March 24th, 2018 – Makeup and Beauty Blog



#notetoself Pay closer attention to the letter next to the shoe size when you’re ordering shoes online. Because it means something.


I decided to treat myself to new running shoes as a reward for writing in The Five-Minute Journal for two weeks straight.

(Well…I needed the shoes anyway, but this was a good excuse!)

So I ordered these cute Brooks Ravenna 9s from Amazon, thinking I’d get them in time to break in on my Saturday morning run, but alas…they aren’t on my feet.

Only as I was tearing into the box did I see that it was marked “WIDE” and “7.5 D.”

Apparently, the “D” means wide, for people with wider feet, which I didn’t realize when I put them in my cart.

I always get regular width shoes, which are sometimes marked as, but it’s usually just implied, width “B,” so back these go.

I did briefly consider keeping them anyway, because I was SO looking forward into running in them today, but better safe than sorry. These cuties are going back, and I’m going to re-order them in regular width.

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