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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 494 – Makeup and Beauty Blog



The crown ? is a heavy burden, but Tabs is willing to shoulder that burden for his millions of subjects and adoring fans, because that’s what it means to be the king of kitty supermodeling.

He has reigned for more than a decade atop the husky tabby kitty modeling category, sharing his flawless fur and fluffy tum with the world, but like many great kings in their latter years, he’s grown weary of the responsibilities that come with being full-time fabulous. These days he’s more focused on napping and securing his legacy.

And that means finding an heir, which is easier said than done in Novato.

Most of the cats around here lack the discipline it takes to be a world-renowned kitty model.

But that hasn’t stopped Tabs from looking. This morning he went out into the world incognito, without his crown, to scout for talent.

He walked all over the neighborhood, but the cats he saw were more interested in napping in driveways than they were in feline fashion or posing.

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