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You know Sophia’s my favorite because she is savage! Plus, she always has a purse with her. Doesn’t matter if she’s coming, going, or if she’s walking into the kitchen for cheesecake, Sophia has her purse.

As a purse enthusiast, I can appreciate this.

Of course I had to give props to one of THE GREATEST TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME. The new Thank You For Being a Friend Tee is available now. It’s $34 and super soft. I’ve worn it to workouts, to return some stuff to HomeGoods, and if I were invited to walk down a red carpet, I just might wear it to that, too.

In my personality breakdown via The Golden Girls, I’m mostly Sophia (60%), because we’re both short and feisty and have a penchant for wearing dresses and carrying our purses ?everywhere, 20% Dorothy, 15% Rose and a 5% pinch of Blanche.

How about you? Are you 100% Blanche? COME ON, fess up! ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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