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Quick Tip: Do Your Dark Circles a Favor, and Apply Your Under-Eye Concealer Last – Makeup and Beauty Blog



If your under-eye concealer looks thick and heavy, apply it last.

Yes, I realize that this goes against what some makeup peeps suggest, and it might sound weird, but give it a try! Apply the rest of your makeup first. Do your eyes, your base, lipstick, blush — the whole nine yards — and do your under-eye concealer as your last step.

I’m serious! Do it *after* mascara, too. If you’re anything like me, you’ll subconsciously use less concealer without even realizing you’re doing it, and your under-eye area will look much more natural than it does when you conceal as one of your first steps.


Honestly, I can’t say for sure! But I don’t care. ? All I know is that when I’ve got my full face on with foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, ad infinitum, I have some context to work from, and it’s just easier to figure out how much or how little concealer to use… Actually, how little you need to wear.

It’s the same idea as applying red lipstick before blush. How much blush should you use? Base it on the brightness/boldness of your lips.

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