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The New Urban Decay Naked Heat Vice Lipsticks – Makeup and Beauty Blog



DUUUDE. Urban Decay Naked Heat (we’re gonna talk about the new Naked Heat Vice Lipsticks in a second). Not to get to deep on you, but if you think about it, which came first? — nakedness or heat? Like, was it SO HOT that clothes were removed and nakedness ensued? Or were these people — if we’re imagining people dancing around a fire, don’t ask me why my brain goes there — were they naked first, so they were cold, and then they had to get closer to the fire to get heated? WHO KNOWS?

Yeah, chew on THAT for a bit.

Ooh, Urban Decay, there you go again, throwing another limited edition log on the Naked Heat fire. UD just added seven new Naked Heat Vice Lipsticks, all inspired by the original Naked Heat palette and lipsticks, and the petite Naked palette last month, and this release is like “Naked Heat Lipsticks Part Deux.” (Because everything sounds better in French.)

These $18 shades are warm like the colors in a big ol’ bonfire — burgundies, browns, wine — basically, lots of darker colors in metallic finishes with a sprinkling of peachy nudes, which, yeah, I know, #karenishashtagbasic, but I really like them.

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