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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 495 – Makeup and Beauty Blog



Hey, bunny! ? Happy Easter! ?

Like my brows?

I tried something different with them today. I went bold.

I get stuck in makeup ruts, and I wanted to jouge up my normal #weekendmommakeup with something new. I’ve also been scrolling a lot through Instagram lately, and I’ve been inspired by the wavy brow trend.

I like that this look combines classic elements I love, like teeny, tiny wings, nude lips and cats.

Do you like it?

Tabs approves, but of course he would.

Speaking of Tabs, like any good big brother, he shared his Easter basket with Connor.

Granted, all of the plastic eggs contained cat treats, so she didn’t really want to eat them…or maybe she did. Who knows? I don’t know what those two get into when I’m not looking. When I turn around for one second, all hell breaks loose — or, all heaven, because they’re little ? angels. Haha.

Enjoy your Easter candy.

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