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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 497 – Makeup and Beauty Blog



Tabs wants to keep being a boss kitty feline fashion mogul, and he wants to share his impeccable fashion sense with the world, but more and more cats these days are content wearing off-the-shelf full-body cat costumes, and they aren’t trying as hard to by stylish as they used to… There’s just a lot of bad feline fashion out there.

Even though he has nothing left to prove, Tabs still plans out each of his daily outfits. Every afternoon I get a text from him with instructions, like “take out my bright blue tie for tomorrow.”

I actually almost got fired today because I couldn’t find it (the tie) this morning, and I was already on this ice because I forgot to buy a new bag of Feline Greenies, and we ran out. ?

Luckily, I found the tie at the last minute…

As you know, Tabs runs a tight ship, but it’s been a little challenging around here lately because of the neighborhood birds. I guess because it’s spring, they’re always making a racket, and it’s disruptive to our employees… Well, mostly just to Tabs when he’s trying to take a nap.

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