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10-Minute Travel Makeup: Berry Cheeks and Lips, and Glowing Skin on the Go – Makeup and Beauty Blog



All who wander are not lost, but if El Hub is at the helm, and we’re in our Mazda, chances are… ? Haha! Kidding, babe! Sort of…

That man… OK, he was was born and raised on an island, so when he gets lost while driving, he instinctively seeks out the ocean and then hugs the coast. Now, if you do that on a small island, you’ll eventually get closer to where you need to go. (Granted, this technique works better on a small island like Oahu than it does when you’re driving in the middle of a huge state like California.)

And will he ever pull over and ask for directions? NOPE. Thank goodness for smart phones… Apple Maps has saved our marriage more than once!

Anyway, I’ve learned a thing or two about putting on makeup in cars, because, girl, I’m always putting on makeup in the car. (If I had a nickel for every time I nearly poked my eye out with a mascara brush on 880…)

Over the years and years and miles and miles, I’ve figured out a few helpful tricks that make the process easier and more efficient, and those tricks came in handy last weekend on our three-hour drive up to Redding.

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