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Everything You Need to Know About No Frills’ Brand New Line of Merch


Last week, FASHION reported on the existence of a mysterious Instagram that appeared to be teasing the launch of a forthcoming No Frills-themed clothing line. Today, we can confirm that the line is indeed official No Frills merch rather than the work of someone with an intensive passion for discount groceries. No Frills is the sole entity behind the #haulhard line of banana-yellow t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and hoodies that are now available exclusively for pre-order on haulershop.com.

  1. It’s all about the customers

“We wanted to celebrate our customer, so we gave them a cool name, haulers,” says Mary McIsaac, VP of Marketing for Loblaws’ discount division. “It’s what our customers want and we’re making it available to them…The inside scoop is the people who shop at No Frills have been loyal for years. They want to support Ashley’s No Frills or Joe’s No Frills by wearing a cool shirt.”

Photography via Loblaws

  1. It’s only available online

The merchandise is available exclusively online at haulershop.com, and not in your local No Frills store. There will, however, be limited quantities of yellow #hauler totes — “a big oversize bag that people can put their quote unquote haul in,” according to MacIsaac — available for free in stores across Canada starting immediately, so go forth and cop.


  1. It’s limited edition

The #hauler totes, tees and hoodies are all limited edition. How limited exactly? That depends on how many shirts are pre-ordered through the website. “The intention is not to be so limited that nobody can get it,” McIsaac says.

Photography via Loblaws

  1. It’s for everyone

“We have customers of all ages asking for and wearing this gear,” MacIsaac says. Though the merch appears to loosely resemble Justin Bieber tour merchandise, MacIsaac maintains that the goods on the Hauler Shop are for everyone – even deal-loving moms.


  1. It’s a celebration of what No Frills is all about

“What it comes down to is we’re in the business of delivering Canadians the freshest groceries at the best price. We’ve got this amazing haul and No Frills does it with swagger. Our customers are fun people, they like to have fun,” MacIsaac says. “That’s the No Frills swagger.”

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