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Top 5 Basic Items you Need for the Summer


It is officially summer 2018! The sunny days, the blue skies and the nice weather are waiting for you, and you get to get ready for it. These are the best months of the whole year, are you really going to let it go away?



Summer is here and with that comes the best days of our lives, but hold on! Do you have everything you really need to make the most of these season? If not, don’t you worry, we’ve got you.

Forget about having to spend thousands in things you don’t really need, because we’re about to tell you the top 5 basic items you need to have the best summer of your life (without having to spend every penny on your wallet).

Get ready for summer 2k18.

Before heading out of the door to enjoy the long, sunny days, make sure you’ve got all of these things packed in your bag at all times, because trust us, you’ll need them!

Of course the very first item on our list is swimwear! Chances are you’ll stop at the beach or the pool at least once during the summer, which means… You need to get the best swimsuit out there.

Here in Love spend we have a great variety of swimwear for you to choose from. Weather you are more of a bikini kinda girl, or you’re looking for a bodysuit swimwear, you can find it here.

The sun is out, which means we need to protect our eyes from the strong UV rays, and what better way to do this than by getting a great pair of sunglasses to go with our outfits?

You can either go for a pair of classic sunglasses, or maybe something more edgy if you feel like it. The important thing here is for you to carry a good pair of sunglasses everywhere you go this summer.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to wear sneakers or uncomfortable shoes during the summer, especially when in the beach or the pool. It’s time to switch up and get your sandals out.

You can find some great and comfy sandals in our sandals that are just perfect for this summer! You just have to choose your favorite ones.

Beach bag.
Of course, you need a trusty bag to carry everything with you at all times (Phone, sunscreen, bikinis… You know, the usual summer things) and for that, you’ll need a beach bag!

You can find some pretty cute beach bags on our website, all with different designs to choose from depending on what you like.

Listen, sunny days are great, spending time outside bathing in the sun is simply amazing, however, it can damage our skin if we aren’t careful enough, which is why getting an umbrella, specifically one that offers UV protection (like our umbrella), is essential. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

You can carry your little umbrella around and even get it inside your beach bag and pull it out just when you really need it. A good umbrella along with sunscreen is everything you need to protect your skin this summer 2018.


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