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Imyniye Baby-like Feet Peel Mask


Do you dare to put on sandals? Because the dark skin of the feet is dark and ugly!
Do you dare to camp in the grass with friends, play games on the floor at home, or even dare to take off your shoes? Oh, because the feet are too stinky.
Are you afraid to put on your shoes? The callus and the crack on the foot make you feel that you are hurting on the hard stone.

Do not worry!
IMYNIYE baby-like feet mask will solve this for you!
Only a half time of the movie, your feet will be born again!
After a week, put on your sandals to date, go to the beach and grass to kiss the sand and grass!

Put on the foot mask like sock.Yes, it’s that simple. No pain, no sickle, your callus and dead skin will peel off.
Is it amazing?

Imyniye foot mask contains aloe vera, fruit acid and other organic ingredients, with anti-skin, anti-oxidation, sterilization, deodorization, softening the skin.

Start making a spa for your feet!

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