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It is so obvious that everybody now wants a piece of Africa when planning to look stunning on their big day.  A kente stole is perfect for that. This colourful African attire has a rich cultural background and history back to the 80’s which initially represented African graduates pride and achievements. Back then, two major fraternities were known, one has to be a member of either the Black Greek or the sorority to wear this Kent graduation stole on graduation day. Although it is a new era and a new decade where everyone is free to wear this colourful attire but there is just one thing that didn’t pass away which is the pride, achievement and strength that is symbolized.

This Kent graduation stole is a handmade colourful fabric, colourful threads are tightly woven together in different patterns to make this beautiful Kente gradation stoles. It has striking images, pattern, symbols that represent one thing or another. These images or patterns are either personalized or generalized, it all depends on what the grad wants. This Kent graduation stole are worn in such a way that the long ends fall vertically at the front of your graduation robe all the way from your shoulder.

Due to the fact that Kente graduation stole is of different colours and designs, they used as a good means of identification, each college will have its own unique colour and design. This helps to clearly state which college a grad belongs. For example, the green and apricot colour and a snake rolled around a staff for the college of medicine and nursing, the pink colour which usually represents the college of music and then we have gold pertains which also symbolizes the college of business administration. Want to look absolutely stunning and unique with pride on that big day, you need to choose one of this kente graduation stole but you need to watch out the colour, the pattern, and also the design to avoid picking the wrong stole that will make you feel awkward on that big day.

This kente graduation stoles are in different colours, therefore you have the room to choose from a wide range of colourful stoles that will match your outfit. Its simplicity makes them a good choice even though you will be receiving Masters honours.

Kente graduation stoles is a perfect blend of both rayon and cotton. The combination of this two fabrics produce a beautiful piece that is stylish and at the same time durable. The rayon helps to hold the colour and the integrity of this special material for many years to come. while on the hand the cotton gives it the required weight and thickness that makes them of good quality.

Kente Graduation stoles can also be customized into the exact way you want it. This fabric is open to innovative designs to suit your fashion sense. You can’t afford to leave that neck of yours void on your graduation day.  Pick a kente graduation stole that suits you today ahead of that big day.

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