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365 CBD Warming Topical Gel


365 CBD Warming Topical Gel

365 CBD Warming Topical Gel is a cannabidiol-containing formula that provides exceptional relief for sore, strained or fatigued muscles. The gentle warming action begins to soothe your body quickly as the CBD absorbs through the skin, helping everything to ease up.

CBD works by interacting with the body’s cannabinoid system. Molecules in the compound activate receptors in the nervous system, helping to restore them to equilibrium. Applying 365 CBD Warming Topical Gel may provide plentiful relief for all kinds of needs, from general stiffness to soreness following intense exercise.

CBD 365 CBD Warming Topical Gel

365 CBD Warming Topical Gel contains pure cannabidiol and 0 per cent THC. It does not, therefore, include any psychoactive component and instead relies exclusively on delivering CBD to where you need it most.

This product combines cannabidiol with ingredients that provide warm, comforting heat. The addition of rosemary leaf oil and additional factors offer a gentle, soothing sensation that helps to relieve sore muscles whether you’ve had a busy day or need to unwind.

CBD is a chemical isolate from the hemp plant, believed to offer a variety of benefits. It is classified as a non-medicinal food supplement. However, research suggests that it might positively impact a variety of conditions by reducing inflammation, improving relaxation and decreasing pain sensitivity in some individuals.

365 CBD Warming Topical Gel combines the best of traditional heat gels with cannabidiol to offer combined relief for the sorest and tightest of muscles. Try it today in a 60ML bottle and benefit from steady, comforting heat.

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