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Benefits of a Super-Antioxidant Skincare Moisturizer


Benefits of a Super-Antioxidant Skincare Moisturizer

An antioxidant moisturizer is one of the best skin care products you can use to help protect your skin from the visible signs of premature aging. And, let’s face it, these days your skin needs as much protection as it can get because the things out there that can damage your skin are just getting worse:

– Increased air pollution caused by overpopulation
– Increased exposure to the elements due to climate change
– Increased stress caused by work, technology and lifestyle choices


Super Antioxidant Skincare Moisturizer

All of those negative effects can lead to free radicals in your body overwhelming the naturally occurring antioxidants in your skin. Those ‘free radicals’ are highly unstable and reactive molecules that steal resources from other cells damaging them in the process. That’s when our tissues go into a state of oxidative stress and begin to age prematurely.

To tip the balance in the other direction and reduce the damage done to your skin, you need to fight back against the free radicals with a new source of potent antioxidants. One way to do that is with a super-antioxidant skincare moisturizer.



Antioxidant Skincare Moisturizer

AVA9 Smooth Bright Antioxidant Moisturiser is uniquely formulated with a powerhouse combination of botanical extracts that infuse your skin with super-antioxidant benefits. Smooth Bright helps protect your skin from the toxins your environment throws at it while also working to repair, refresh, and rejuvenate your skin. Use it first thing in the morning or treat yourself to that ‘spa feeling’ at night before you go to bed.


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