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Milk & Egg Protein Powder (Throw Away The Whey!)

If you want to build muscle, you need to do 2 things:

1:Maximize protein synthesis

2: Minimize protein breakdown

The overwhelming majority of protein products only contain ‘fast’ acting proteins that switch on muscle protein synthesis, but won’t help suppress muscle protein breakdown.

By ignoring muscle protein breakdown, guys all over the world are ignoring 50% of the recovery process.

Imagine trying to build a house in a hurricane…

As quickly as you lay the bricks to build the walls (protein synthesis), the fierce winds would tear them down (protein breakdown)…

So just like you’d struggle to build a house in these conditions, the body won’t build maximal muscle unless you put the brakes on muscle protein breakdown.

To counter this, NSP Milk & Egg protein also contains ‘slow’ acting proteins, which provide the body with a timed-release steady stream of amino acids that halt muscle protein breakdown dead in its tracks.

Milk & Egg Protein PowderMilk & Egg Protein Powder


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