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We all want a healthy head of hair! Right? I mean, who wouldn’t? With everything that a person has to deal with these days, who wants to add worrying about hair loss to their list! But that’s exactly where we are! Unfortunately, millions of men and women are dealing with some form of hair loss or thinning hair. It’s safe to say that hair loss, right now, is at an epidemic high!

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There are many contributing factors to hair loss. Inflammation of the scalp is what can occur when you start to lose your hair.  Specific circumstances that can cause hair are:

  • Stress: Often times during very stressful or emotional events, a person can experience thinning of the hair. In many cases, this is temporary hair loss.
  • Medications: The side effects of certain medications can cause hair loss; like cancer medications or medications for depression, high blood pressure and arthritis.
  • Radiation Therapy

This YouTuber bleached his hair 8 times in one day!? You’ll NEVER believe what happens! Watch the video here:

Have you ever been tired of waiting months upon months to achieve that desired blonde hair color? Have you ever wanted to bleach your hair over and over just to get that perfect blonde color? Well, this YouTuber did, so you don’t have to!

YouTuber, Conner Ashley, is attempting to get the perfect icy blonde hair that many of us desire. Conner warns his viewers not to try this at home! In his viral video, he proceeds to HILARIOUSLY dye his hair a total of EIGHT times in the time span of a single day!

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Although his technique is lacking, his quippy attitude and hilarious sarcasm helps him keep a positive mindset and transform his hair (without it falling out). This could have easily turned into a disaster but luckily it ended up going well.

Many people decide to bleach …