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Before the bombshell allegations of sexual misconduct that led to Matt Lauer’s firing from the Today show by NBC, he and former co-host Savannah Guthrie had grown close professionally in their five years of working together.

The 45-year-old morning show host, who made the announcement of Lauer’s termination on-air last Wednesday, was “affected the most” by the news, a source told ET last week.

“She’s not herself. She’s visibly shaken,” the source added, explaining that around the studio on Thursday morning, Guthrie appeared “sad, in deep thought and preoccupied” off-camera. “She is doing her best to stay upbeat and jolly on-air.”

Guthrie and Lauer had shared the desk since July 9, 2012, when she took over for Ann Curry. Since then, the two, along with Al Roker, also hosted both the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting ceremony.

In July, when Guthrie celebrated her five-year “Savannahversary” with Today, Lauer was among …

John and I bought the van the June before last in a parking lot below the Rattlesnake range in Montana: a 1990 Forest Service Ford in that perfect mint green the agency phased out for cheaper white jobs in the early aughts. A rare-ish vehicle, for what we hoped would be a rare-ish life. For the next year, we’d try to live in that van. Neither of us remembers who thought of it. The main point was, we wanted to think about the idea of home pragmatically: It must be conceived of in ways that can be tested. What does home look like when you wake up somewhere different every morning? To a thin chain of stars, or a gash in sea-soaked clouds. You look at the sky and decide what it will do. Then you decide what you will do.

One of our first stops is the pipeline protest at Standing Rock in North Dakota. When we leave after …

Joe and I met when my daughter, Julie, was in junior high. He was her drama teacher. I came home after a parent-teacher conference and said to her, “So what can you tell me about this Joe guy?” He was very bright, very funny, very tuned in to the kids. I’d gotten divorced from Julie’s dad when she was four, and after that I hadn’t dated. I didn’t want men coming in and out of the house.

Not long after, my daughter had a sweet 16 party, and we invited Joe. He came toward the end, and when he left, he kissed my hand. He was in many ways a really old-fashioned person and not given to public demonstrations, though I didn’t know that then. After the party, he suggested we meet to discuss something going on at the school. I told Julie, and she said, “You can call this one a meeting, but after that you have to call …