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Contently After All! Untangling the Complexity of Hair Care


Contently After All! Untangling the Complexity of Hair Care

With humidity, summer heat, winter winds, pollution, and a dozen other factors interchangeably taking a toll on the hair’s health, one is tempted to reflect upon the many ways the healthy glow of hair may be preserved. Much like your skin, the hair too is subjected to innumerable chemicals throughout the day. Unlike the other covered parts of your body, the direct exposure can cause irreversible damage to the hair; staunchly indicating the importance of haircare, which Contently takes as its holy grail



Contently takes expertise in formulating haircare products with extensive research, collecting and blending the highest standard ingredients from the face of earth. With the use of natural black barley and beer yeast extract as the main ingredients and limited use of deionized water, Contently introduces products that are made to restore the lost glory of your hairlock. The hypoallergenic formula restores the bounce and strength of damaged hair down to the roots, fighting scalp irritation and leaving your hair both healed and healthy. From its shampoo to its scalp treatment, each product speaks of voluminous effectiveness.

Sleek Conditioner

With a tip of a unicorn and a formula that comprises of rich natural and plant-based ingredients, the sleek conditioner is a conditioner for both the scalp and hair. The refreshing citrus scent and its simple usage makes it an easy-to-use hair treatment for the extra care and especially helps extremely damaged hair. The product serves the purpose of reducing itchiness and split ends, leaving the hair soft and glossy.


Revitalizing Shampoo

Curated intricately with black barley, citrus extracts, and numerous other power punch ingredients, the shampoo is a natural cleanser that restores the hair’s natural color and stimulates hair growth. The classic citrus scent adds to the soothing treatment and it doesn’t strip the scalp of moisture, it also allows for deep cleansing. This one’s the particular pick formulated to restore the vibrant shine and elasticity of hair.

Scalp Treatment

The pH-balancing product is yet another pearl in the line. As you spray directly onto the scalp, you’ll find the product to be refreshing with its luscious citrus scent, bound to bring a soothing relief. Expertly curated for sensitive scalps, the scalp tonic is effective in reducing scalp irritation and irritation and allowing protection from the ever-harmful UV damage.


The gift of a good hair day is a gift that keeps on giving, and Contently efficaciously tenders that. Instead of combing through dozens of different items, these products narrow down the hunt and are make for an ideal gift for family and friends, irrespective of the occasion. With eccentric hair in fashion and convenience in hand, Contently’s products are easily purchasable on Amazon, allowing you and your loved ones to start your haircare journey in a swift.

While genetics and environment play a key role in deterring the health of your hair, the overall approach to sustaining an effective hair care centers around choosing the right products. In line with that, Contently takes expertise in harnessing the inner shine of your hair, allowing you to resurface and maintain your crowning glory.

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