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Darshae Kiér’s “Halasana Girl”


Darshae Kiér is an artist you can’t easily forget. He has a very unique but catchy delivery-style and he shows it off in this new track. “Halasana Girl”, from Miami-based artist Darshae Kiér, is a reggaeton influenced beat with pop arrangements and a ‘full of happiness’ voice. The artist’s catchy music make us literally forget about our daily routine, and send us straight to beautiful landscapes. With “Halasana Girl”, we have everything we needed to fight the winter. Plus, we’ll dance on it all weekend.

After a heavy street buzz formed from the success of his previous single “Translation”, Darshae knew he had to keep his winning streak going by putting out this anthemic single, and just like before, he hit the mark once again. Taking on an approach that combines smooth elements of Pop and Reggaeton, “Halasana Girl” is one of those tracks that is bound to get your hips shaking and the dance floor moving. His new single “Halasana Girl” is all about his admiration and desire to be with a woman who has seamlessly caught his interest. He flows smoothly over this groovy Reggae production, showcasing his range and charisma as a vocalist heavily throughout the record.


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