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Did you know sitting at your computer all day can wake up your cancer cells?


Did you know sitting at your computer all day can wake up your cancer cells?

It has been scientifically proven!!

Why should you wear this protective fabric? Especially as women…

I still remember getting that call & the feeling of my heart sinking when I heard my Mum had Covid. I felt so useless as I was in a different country & could not be with her because of the lockdown restrictions. She lost her battle so young, an energetic 75-year-old woman who always ate healthily, always active, with a balanced diet. We had so many plans to do together, she was so proud of all of my success & I had so much more to show her!! I never got to hold her hand or be with her when she was passing, give her a hug or tell her how much I loved her. I never want anyone to feel this way. It is a heart-wrenching ache that I will never forget.

Asta JakubsonAsta Jakubson

There are so many things we can control to get healthier, like reducing sugar, alcohol & improving diet & exercise but this silent killer EMF (electromagnetic rays) surrounds us every day, through our phones, wifi, computers, even our microwaves! this is something we can try to control by protecting ourselves from it. I started to research more into it & I met with this amazing company that produces a fabric made of 99.9% silver that can block this radiation. The feeling of helplessness from losing my Mom inspired me to design a collection that can help us all remain safe & protected from this silent killer.

Asta JakubsonAsta Jakubson

The collection itself is made from 99.9% silver raw material. I wanted to design something that everyone can wear comfortably when exposed to this invisible killer. My tops are trimmed with pretty lace & embellished with flower details. The design drapes beautifully across the chest & tummy area, they are such a flattering shape, they can even be worn while pregnant, my scarves are detailed with a digital printed silk fabric with an added necklace made from chakra stones that promote & protect the health & not forgetting the men in our lives, I have designed a simple vest which can be worn underneath your clothing, this is also available for children too!! I understand how important family is!

The benefits of wearing this fabric are:

  • Silver has significant health benefits
  • Silver has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections
  • Silver ions aiding in cold, flu & virus prevention
  • Silver protects from harmful electromagnetic waves

But why do we need to wear EMF protective clothing you might ask. It can cause hormone imbalance, headaches, dizziness, anxiety & the scariest of all, it can increase cancer risk.

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