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Euphoria Costumes at Urban Outfitters


Yes, we are already starting to think about Halloween costumes, and this year, we want to dress up like the characters from our favorite new show, Euphoria. Their style is so on point, and we love that some of these picks we’d wear in real life, not just on Oct. 31. Whether you want to look like Maddy, Cassie, Rue, Jules, or Kat, there are endless options at Urban Outfitters. We have a feeling the girls would definitely shop here, because there’s something for everyone, and every piece has that touch of cool that all the characters are lusting after.

What does it take to dress up like a Euphoria character this holiday season? Well, if you’re going for Maddy, that means supersexy matching sets and retro hair clips. Rue’s look is a little more oversize and masculine, while Kat is full-on leather and latex. Everyone seems to be into a bold makeup look too, which is always fun. If you’re planning your Halloween looks, shop these pieces from Urban Outfitters to create the ultimate Euphoria style. It also makes for a great group costume . . .