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Eyelash perm I Everything you need to know


Eyelash perm I Everything you need to know

Beautiful lashes are something that many women strive for in their regular beauty routine. The long lashes give the eyes a unique appearance that results in a deep, sexy look.

In order to get longer lashes, women decide to do various lash treatments including lash extensions. Using just mascara is sometimes not enough so the beauty industry always announces news and innovations in the lashes department.

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One of the latest and most popular lash treatments is the lash perm or also known as lash lift.

This is a chemical process that includes treating your lashes so that they will look more pushed-up for several weeks.

The beauty and popularity of this treatment lie in the natural look of the lashes.

To get deeper into this trendy beauty process, here is everything that you need to know about what does eyelash perm/lift mean.

What is a lash lift?

A Lash Lift is a process that requires the use of keratin.

It is infused into the lashes in order to enhance them. The keratin sets the eyelashes upwards and with the added tint, gives them length, height, volume and makes them look longer and thicker.

The process itself is a combination of tint and perm. The added colour usually needs to match the natural colour of your own lashes and suit your skin tone.

The perm defines the lash with a long-lasting curl and gives height and length.

The infusion of keratin nurtures and feeds the lashes which give them strength.

How does eyelash perm works?

The treatment starts with coating the lashes with a special adhesive. They are wrapped around mini foam rollers or heated clips. This holds them curled just in the position that you want them to be.

When you squeeze your eyes tightly shut, the professional is applying the solution on the lashes. This is done with a tiny brush.

After that, the rollers are covered with a plastic wrap and left for 5 minutes for the effect to take place.

When this time passes and the chemical do their thing, the next step is called the neutralising solution. With more plastic bag and few more minutes, the final result you get is lovely curled lashes.

How long does the process last?

The treatment itself, from the beginning to the end, lasts about 25-30 minutes.

The final result, the permed lashes can remain in that position and form from 6 to 8 weeks.

That particular time is the natural lash growth cycle and then the curled pieces disappear.

The lash lift is different than the extensions because it allows you to rub your eyes without worrying that something will fall out.

This process allows you to use your regular makeup products.

Who can try this process?

This process is suitable for everyone who wants to have beautiful and strong lashes.

It might take a longer time to apply it on women with shorter lashes because the process here will require the use of medical glue to fix a silicone rod to the eyelid.

This will create a shape for the curl. After this, the process continues regularly.

What do I have to do to maintain nice lashes?

Maintenance of the lash lift is much easier than the one where lash extensions are included. As they last from 6 to 8 weeks, you are allowed to use all the regular makeup products, involving mascara too.

What is suggested not to do is not go under hot and steamy water at least two days after the process. The heat can damage and affect the solution that is applied to the lashes.

Are there any risks of eyelash perms?

Like with any cosmetic product, there are possible risks and side-effects that might appear. Allergies can appear often, out of nowhere and they can affect the skin or the eye.


There are other side-effects that are not excluded but depend on the type of your skin and sensitivity. There can be blisters, rash, redness dry eyes, wet eyes, and inflammation.

They are all rare but obviously worth mentioning. To be on the safe side, it is always suggested to try a patch test.

Covering all the most important questions and parts of the eyelash lift or perm technique, it is up to you to try it out. With perm lashes your eyes will look bigger, the lashes will look more natural and your whole face will open up.

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