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Fashion Tips: How to Choose Fashion Statement Earrings for Events and Parties?


Fashion Tips: How to Choose Fashion Statement Earrings for Events and Parties?

For some people, earrings are just another piece of jewelry that can be worn anyhow they deem fit. Well, you should be different as you need to stand out among the crowd. And this is why you should adorn fashion statement earrings that will make you be the stars at any events and parties.


So, how do you choose fashion statement earrings for events and parties? There are different ways to choose fashion statement earrings from wholesale earrings stores; however, here are some awesome tips for you:

·       Think about the type of event/party you are attending

Let the party you are going to be one of the major factors that will determine the right fashion statement earrings to choose from. If you are attending an informal party or event, choose a pair of earrings with big hoops, feathers or other creative items.



Small hoop earrings are great pieces for your formal or corporate event as they make you glamorous in a subtle manner. Oceany statement earrings will be ideal for any sorts of beach parties. Therefore, when choosing a pair of fashion statement earrings, consider the type of party you are attending first.

·       Choose something that suits your outfits

Irrespective of the event/party you are going to, your outfit should have a say in the fashion statement earrings that you will choose. Generally, the kind of party or event you are attending should play a role in your outfit; therefore, it should be easy for you to choose a pair of fashion statement earrings that embellish your outfit.



You can choose one of the less significant colors in your clothing items and make it the basic color of your earrings. Alternatively, your fashion statement earrings can complement or match your outfit as long as they make you look chic and awesome.

If you are adorning all-black outfits, a pair of turquoise earrings or oceany statement earrings will give you the perfect look you crave. For jeans on jeans combined with some high heels, you can easily go for big shiny earrings that will catch the attention of everyone. Perhaps you are wearing lacy tops with black jeans or skirts, a pair of vintage earrings will do a great job in showcasing your fashion taste.

·       Embellish your face

There are different face shapes and, as such, what looks good on someone may not look good on another. So before choosing fashion statement earrings for that special event or party you heading to, consider the appearance of your face. Vibrant dangling earrings, for example, will be impeccable for most ladies with a round face; however, the reverse will likely be the case for ladies with long faces.


·       Make it glamorous

Whatever you have decided to choose for your next event, it is important for you to ensure it is glamorous and befitting for your facial features. While shopping for fashion statement earrings in wholesale jewelry boutiques, consider the quality and style over cost. Choose something that will be perfect for you and your events.

With the aforementioned considerations, you should have no issues choosing the best fashion statement earrings for your event.

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