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A Sugar Daddy is a rich old man who offers money or gifts to a less rich, usually younger person in return for companionship. However this is different from prostitution of any sort. Due to the fact that the woman in question does not actively seek clienteles. But has everything paid for her by this one person as long as she continues to provide him with companionship or physical needs. Well that is the definition of sugar daddy in dictionary. But how do women think about sugar daddy? what does sugar daddy mean to women? Let’s hear some voice from our real users:
SugarMatch.com is a sugar daddy dating app that connects handsome wealthy and caring men to hot young women, using video calls and anonymous text messaging for instant connections, but most importantly, it allows its sugar babies to make money on the site by creating and selling a vast range of virtual products and services

Emphasis on Privacy and Quality:
Integrated anonymous text messaging from your phone without adding any extra app downloads – connect to your sugar daddy or sugar baby with peace of mind.

Emphasis on Privacy and Quality:
24/7 moderation by local administrators to ensure high standards and quality, and allowing you to connect to the sugar daddy or sugar baby of your dreams

Emphasis on Safety:
Blacklist database of offending members by mobile number and photo. Think of it as a dating site anti-virus to weed out undesirable sugar daddies and sugar babies. Again – have total peace of mind while connecting to a sugar daddy or sugar baby

Emphasis on User Experience:
One on one video chat and much more. Get to see your prospective sugar daddy or sugar baby before you meet so there are no surprises.

SugarMatch is revolutionary in terms of its rich feature set that it plans to implement in the coming months. Features such as video calling, anonymous sms are already implemented, and the others are on their way.


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