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How to Fix an Itchy Jumper

fix itchy jumper 1
One of the best parts about the onset of cooler weather is breaking out your sweater collection. There’s always that one gorgeous sweater, though, that’s just a little too itchy and sadly finds its way to the bottom of the drawer. Which is a shame, really, because you want to be able to show off aforementioned knitwear. So what’s the solution? Ridding yourself of that itchiness, of course. Thankfully, we know how to give it a new life how to fix that itch once and for all.
1. Mix together cold water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar. Turn your sweater inside out and submerge it in the mixture, making sure it’s totally saturated and then drain it.
2. When the sweater is still damp, massage it with a good hair conditionerthe cheap stuff will cause a waxy buildup. Try to avoid stretching the sweater’s fibres when you do this.
3. Give the conditioner 30 minutes to set on the sweater, and then rinse all of it out with cold water. Press gently on the sweater to remove the rest of the water, taking care not to lose its shape.
4. Place the sweater on a towel and let it dry flat. When it’s completely dry, fold it neatly and put it in a large zip-top plastic bag.
5. Place the bagged sweater in the freezer overnight, and in the morning, it won’t itch anymore. The conditioner and the vinegar make the fibres in the sweater softer, and freezing it prevents its short fibres from poking out.