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French Girls on What to Wear for a Road Trip


Road trips always instill a bit of excitement. They’re often adventures with unplanned stops that take you to interesting places. But they also involve long hours sitting in the car. So what is the best thing to wear if you’re embarking on one? Interested to find out the French-girl approach, we chatted with Anne-Laure Mais and Aude Sarkamari, who shared their personal take on what to wear on a road trip. We learned that both of their approaches were pretty similar and include a pair of jeans with a cozy top and shoes. But, in a very Parisian manner, they both make sure they don’t sacrifice their style. By wearing a fashionable pair of jeans or adding in a classic Gucci loafer, they can achieve an outfit that’s both nonchalant and cool.

So what it really comes down to, then, is striking the perfect balance of comfort and style. As Sarkamari puts it, “When I’m on a road trip, the most important thing for me in a comfortable outfit. I will privilege clothes [that are] not too tight in order to be free of all my movements. Indeed they are less feminine, but you can still have style anyway.” Here, we’re breaking down their chic road trip outfits.