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Health Tips And Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind.

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What does health tips and tricks mean? Well, these are simple hacks for a better health and for your body.
Yes, it’s not just the tech area that have tips and tricks, health also does.
And today am about to reveal to you some the best health tips, tricks and hacks.
These will definitely blow your mind. So please sit back and prepare to be amazed!!!
1. How to open a blocked nose
Do you normally have cold and catarrh? Is your nose always blocked you have to breath through your mouth? Here is how to open a stuffed nose. There are numerous ways but this is the simplest.
You pinched your two nose tightly and close your mouth so that you’re no longer breathing. As you do so,
Rock your head back and forth, do this till you can’t hold your breath anymore.
Once you release your nostrils, voila! you can easily breath through your nose. This is because nasal congestion is aided by blood vessels, and when you stop breathing your brain tells those blood vessels to decongest.
Note, this trick doesn’t really last.
2. How to feel less pain
Have you ever taken injections? Yes I’m sure you have. Now these are some pretty cool that will help you feel very little pain.
 Squeeze something, because you need something to direct your pain to.. (Hope am not sounding like a shaolin master). Preferably a tennis ball.
 Cough, According to some German researchers coughing can reduce the feeling of pain. Because the pain that is felt in your chest and upper body will inhibit the pain you could feel from the injection.
 Listen to music.
3. How to stop eating too much
Sometimes we just can’t control the amount or the rate at which we eat. Here’s some tricks for that.
• Eat slowly. Eating too much food has been linked with how fast we eat, so if you want to eat less you have to eat slow. What if you are a fast eater? Here is what you should do, listen to a slow, soft music while eating. That’ll just do the trick.
 Chew gum. Yes, chewing gum can reduce appetite a lot.
 Drink two glasses of water before eating.
4. How to stop a sneeze
Sneezes are annoying and so loud, believe me I understand. This is an awesome trick to help you stop or rather intercept a sneeze.
Once you feel a sneeze coming, here are things you should do.
• Breathe in deeply
• Press your lower lip against your upper lip very well
• Massage your nose vigorously.
And abracadabra the sneeze has retreated.
5. How to stop a hiccup
Hiccups are equally annoying and irritating. There are many different ways that have been said to cure hiccups, but you can’t do most of them in public. For example one method is;
• Standing up and holding one of your legs behind your back with your hand, and using the other hand to shut your nose tightly. Then you jump till the hiccup stops. That can’t be done in public.
Other ways include:
• Drinking water with a straw while you fingers are covering your ear
• Eating a little amount of salt
• Drink water upsidedown
6. How to swallow a bitter pill
Swallowing pills can be a bit of a challenge, because sometimes there taste are really awful. How do you easily swallow a bitter drug easily? The difficulty there is that you want to swallow a pill fast ,but you don’t know how to get it to your throat.  That is why you tilt your head backwards so fast. Here’s what you should be doing.
• Instead of tilting your head back, you should move it forward. It helps faster swallowing, because the drug is going to float in the water, back, till it gets to your throat. You won’t even know when you have swallowed the drug.
7. How to stay longer before going to the restroom
This is a very necessary health hack you should take note of. It’s common that we find ourselves in circumstances were we really need to use the restroom but can’t because of a certain situation. Now here’s what you can do.
 Distract yourself by thinking of something else, maybe Nicki minaj or Taylor lautner. This may seem very difficult but it works very well.
 You can also scratch the back of your calf very vigorously. This helps by ‘deceiving’ your brain to forget about the visit to the toilet for a short time.