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How To Choose Molds For You Homemade Bath Bombs

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How To Choose Molds For You Homemade Bath Bombs

Baths are an easy and fun way to relax. And they were made even exciting and rewarding when Mo Constantine first introduced bath bombs. And if you have never tried them, then you’re missing out. That electric fuzz effect as you shower, the lovely colors, the ingredients oozing from the bath bomb and the sensational aroma all work together in making your bathing experience exciting.

Bath bombs, however, can be a little pricey. The best way to go about it is by buying ingredients and making them on your own. With your preferred ingredients, you can customize them to achieve your preferred mixture of color and scent. But these homemade bath bombs would not be possible without the molds that help shape them. These molds are made from different materials, and their shapes and sizes also vary. Here is how you go about choosing a perfect mold for your bath bombs.

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Bath Bombs

What is your budget?

This should be your first step. Bath bombs are made from either silicone, plastic or metal. Plastic molds are the cheapest of the bunch. So if you are on a limited budget, this would be ideal for you. However, people are slowly shifting to silicone products due to their durability and environmentally friendly nature.

Metal molds are more durable and are less likely to crack or break, but they are more expensive. Metal molds are made from either aluminum or stainless steel. These are ideal when you have kids. You can confidently let your kids try their hand in making the bath bombs without having to worry about the molds being broken.

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Bath Bombs

What is your ideal size

Bath bombs come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Before you buy a mold, ask yourself how often you plan on using bath bombs. If you decide that you will use them regularly, then the best option may be to buy small round molds. If you want to use them for special occasions, like setting up romantic atmosphere, then find a heart-shaped mold.

You can also get a large mold, but one disadvantage of having a large mold is the fact that the subsequent large bath bombs will not remain as compact as a small one.


What is your ultimate goal

Do you just want to make bath bombs for personal use, or do you want to go commercial? If you want them for personal use, then one set of 6 molds will be more than enough. However, if you want to venture into the bath bomb business, one mold set will not be sufficient. Mass producing of bath bombs using just 6 molds will be time consuming.

In this case, you can purchase a bath bomb press. This device can shape several bombs at once. But if you decide to get this machine, then you should be ready to spend a lot of money.

All in all, bath bombs will work in making your baths exciting, and at times they may even turn out to be your source of extra income.