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How you can Keep away from Anti-Nutrient Properties of Phytic Acid in Meals


Have you learnt why we’re requested to soaked almonds in a single day as a substitute of consuming them or why sunflower and pumpkin seeds present higher vitamin when roasted? That’s as a result of there’s a compound on the pores and skin of those nuts and seeds that forestall the absorption of vital minerals like zinc, iron, and calcium from the meals you eat and it’s phytic acid, additionally popularly referred to as as an “anti nutrient.” Deficiencies of all these minerals are so important for weight reduction and common consumption of phytic acid may very well decelerate your weight reduction course of. Although phytic acid is linked to decrease danger of kidney stones and most cancers, counting on it solely and impairing mineral absorption might result in extreme deficiency of important minerals that are required to run a majority of physique features easily.

What’s Phytic Acid and Why to Keep away from it?

It binds minerals like zinc, iron, and calcium within the intestine and makes them unavailable for the physique to soak up – which in essence means in the event you eat calcium-rich milk or eggs with “unsoaked” almonds in the identical meal, your physique will much less doubtless take in the calcium from the milk. It’s additionally a storage type of phosphorous. Phytic acid is usually present in nuts, sure seeds, complete grains and legumes. It additionally lowers the digestability of fats and protein.

20 Meals Wealthy in Phytic Acid:

1. Spinach.
2. Almonds
3. Peanuts
4. Walnuts
5. Lentils
6. Chickpeas
7. Cashewnuts
8. Pistachios
9. Kidney beans
10. Black-eyed beans.
11. Pumpkin seeds
12. Sesame seeds
13. Brown rice
14. Amaranth seeds
15. Complete corn
16. Brown rice
17. Soya beans
18. Maize
19. Wheat
20. Potatoes

How you can Decrease Anti-Nutrient Properties of Phytic Acid:

1. By soaking nuts and legumes for just a few hours: Soaking nuts like almonds and likewise legumes for at the very least just a few hours will significantly scale back their phytic acid content material.
2. Fermentation course of: The fermentation course of prompts the enzyme phytase, which in flip reduces the phytic acid stage in rice and legumes.
3. Sprouting: Once you let legumes sprout, not solely phytic acid reduces, there’s a rise in vitamins.
4. Cooking: Cooking is an effective choice to scale back phytic acid content material and likewise to extend bioavailability of sure vitamins which activate with warmth. Spinach, for instance, loses its phytic acid content material with a lightweight saute.
5. Embody Vitamin C wealthy meals: Together with as much as 50 mg of vitamin C decreases the extent of phytic acid.
6. Use Apple cider vinegar to soak the seeds and nuts: Soaking seeds in apple cider vinegar can activate enzyme phytase which removes phytic acid within the meals.
7. Roasting nuts and seeds will scale back the phytic acid content material in them significantly.


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