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Is Microwaving Meals Dangerous for Well being and Weight Loss?


There may be loads of controversy surrounding using microwave and the potential contamination of meals with radioactive substance, and likewise the lack of vitamins because of the intense warmth produced. Since there are such a lot of misconceptions concerning using microwave in cooking, we thought we might use this publish to dispel any such unwarranted rumors. Additionally, since we expect an awesome deal about methods to reduce weight and battle to keep away from placing on additional kilos, it will be attention-grabbing to seek out out if there any hyperlink between weight acquire and microwave use? Does cooking by means of this methodology scale back the diet and destroy the nutritional vitamins and minerals within the meals? Additionally, the fiber and protein content material, which you so rigorously attempt to embrace within the weight loss program for weight reduction, does it grow to be ineffective by means of microwaving? On this publish, we’ll attempt to discover out if microwaving meals is dangerous for well being and weight reduction. So, let’s discover out:

How Do Microwaves Work?

Most microwaves use a frequency of 2450 MHz and 500 to 1100 watts of energy. They’re produced by magnetron. When the microwave is switched on, the water molecules within the meals take in the microwave vitality and the friction between the molecules results in manufacturing of warmth, which in flip results in cooking/heating of the meals. Microwaves are absorbed solely by the meals and the cooking utensil/vessel/bowl/container stays unaffected. They solely heat up by means of the warmth from the meals. Nonetheless, plastic supplies are unsuitable for microwaves as a result of they may soften and make meals inedible.

Is Meals Cooked in Microwave Protected?

Meals cooked in a microwave is totally secure, the World Well being Group says so.

Does Microwaving Meals Destroy its Nutrient Worth?

All vitamins are preserved even when the meals is cooked in microwave. Earlier, some research had pointed to the lack of flavonoids in greens by means of microwaving, however analysis executed later revealed that cooking greens for shorter period didn’t have an effect on the vitamins in them. Nonetheless, cooking with loads of water may very well scale back the quantity of flavonoids.

Does Microwave Make Meals Radioactive?

Warmth is produced when microwave vitality enters meals and reacts with water molecules, and there’s completely no risk of contamination or radioactivity. To dispel some misconceptions, you will need to notice that meals cooked in a microwave oven doesn’t grow to be “radioactive”. Additionally, the meals cooked in such a approach doesn’t retain the microwaves as soon as the ability is switched off.

What are the Potential Aspect Results of Cooking Meals in Microwave?

1. A significant challenge with microwave is that, if the meals is thick, it results in uneven distribution of temperature, and infrequently one could discover that some areas are nonetheless chilly whereas different areas are scorching. Microwaves penetrate meals to 1 to 1 1/2 inches and if the meals positioned is thicker, they don’t attain the middle of the meals. Such uneven cooking could result in elevated threat of food-borne sicknesses. To counter this, unfold the meals evenly within the container.

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2. Keep away from heating processed meat within the microwave as a result of it might result in the formation of ldl cholesterol oxidation merchandise (COPs). Such merchandise could enhance the danger of cardiovascular ailments.

So, summing up, there’s no threat of utilizing microwave for cooking and no hyperlink in any respect between weight acquire and microwaving meals as a result of there’s the fiber, protein, and nutrient content material of the meals shouldn’t be misplaced.

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