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K-OBA Eyewear Store Puerto Rico.


K-OBA Eyewear Store Puerto Rico.

Now we all know that there’s a certain class, style and radiance that fashion brings to the table and all you have to do to look glamorous is to combine the right clothing and accessories.

K-OBA Eyewear was created with exactly that in mind. We offer unique, stylish eyewear at affordable prices and promise you that every piece was designed with love. From the casual beach goer to the fashionista, we promise there is something for everyone at K-OBA Eyewear.


K-OBA Eyewear

As a fashion brand that focuses on the creation of unique sunglasses, we are inspired primarily by the beauties of the island of Puerto Rico such as the green rain forest and the sandy beaches. There are literally a lot to love about our products and who we are.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Eyewear Stores?

If you are going to spice up your dressing and appearance with sunglasses, we believe such products should be made from the best materials available. Therefore we at K-OBA eyewear promise that all our products are made of 100% eco-friendly materials. With special attention being given to detail, our sunglasses are a perfect additional to any wardrobe.

Each of our products is hand crafted with utmost love and passion. The glasses are ultra-light weight and they feature sturdy all natural wood frames, quality flex hinges, scratch resistant and polarized UV 400 lenses among other things. They also come in diverse colors.

One of the things that make us who we are is that we believe in capturing your style in every sun glass we make. Additionally, while seeking to have our products mirror your authentic personality, we draw our inspiration from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. So, in each of our products you come across, you can be certain that the sandy beaches, green rain forest and the vast blue sky found in Puerto Rico played a key role in its creation. This is the reason you will find that every product is hand crafted from bamboo and other natural woods.

The San Juan Collection features wooden sunglasses inspired by the history, and colors found in the Old San Juan district of the capital of Puerto Rico.


K-OBA Eyewear

The Culebra Collection offers several options that feature plastic frames and wooden legs. Inspired by the Island of Culebra on Puerto Rico, this collection of sunglasses is fun, vibrant and very economical.

The Rincon Collection. The surf town of Rincon Puerto Rico was the inspiration for the sunglasses found in this collection. Beautiful handcrafted 100 % wooden sunglasses made of the finest bamboo, walnut and even zebra wood.

From the casual beach goer to the fashionista, K-OBA eyewear has something for everyone. Our customer service, detail to quality and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is making K-OBA Eyewear a leader on the industry.

Visit us today and join our fans from all over the world.