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Kate Hudson Found Her Doppelgänger In One Unlikely Star

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hudsonLast night, Kate Hudson posted a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio to her Instagram. The photo, dating back to 1997, wasn’t a shout-out to the Academy Award-winning actor for his work in Spielberg or climate change education, however. Instead, the side-by-side image was of their matching hairstyles, posted with the caption: “Who wore it better? #hairspiration.”
Back in July, Hudson shaved her head for an upcoming role in the film Sister, written and directed by singer/songwriter Sia. Now several months later, the buzzcut is grown out to a short brunette pixie. By the looks of her Instagram, it seems Hudson is experimenting with the style, adding product to her hair for some texture and spiking the longer ends. In doing so, she apparently pulled some major beauty inspiration from the young Leo.
In October, Hudson admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that it was a bit of a struggle managing her new haircut. “I’m starting to go through the first awkward stage of the growing out,” she told the host. “It’s, like, sticking up. I have to put it down with product, so it’s interesting.” She even suggested she might try to pull off a mullet some time in the near future — similar to Kristen Stewart’s current hair situation.