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rich brand pillow

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Hi, my name is Rich.

I am a social media influencer, rapper and social commentator. I have my own clothing line. I personally think it’s dope and so do my friends. Girl’s like it. I have 6000+ followers on my instagram, flipphonerich , 3000+ followers on Twitter, flipphonerich , and the maximum amount of friends on Facebook, RapGameRich .

Rich brand

Rich brand

I am trying to build an empire so that I can influence politicians to pass legislation to put healthy fast food restaurants in the hood, legalize weed so that you can grow and possess as much as you want, raise the lower class wages and much more. I am very opinionated and outspoken and I consider myself a bit of an outsider and a dare devil. I am like a combination of a young Kanye West and Steve O. I like to spread peace and love and not hurt and heartbreak and I believe in respect for everyone. See if you like my designs and purchase one, these types of designs you can purchase anywhere.

rich brand iphone cover

rich brand samsung case

I have a hoodie design for purchase, a pillow design for purchase and a phone case for all Samsung Galaxy phones for purchase. iPhone cases will be available for purchase soon. Check out my store “Rich Brand“. Chow.

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