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Luxury Hand Loomed Turkish Towels


Luxury Hand Loomed Turkish Towels

Etsy Shop Duvart is based in Los Angeles California. We are offering high quality Turkish Towels (Pestemals). It is well known that the best and finest of linens come from Turkey or are derived from Turkish cotton.

Turkish towel, originated in Turkish baths or Hammams during the Victorian era. According to Turkish culture, specific colors, styles and weaves of pestemals are regionally symbolic.

Pestemals are woven textiles produced on looms. Pestemals are super absorbent and quick drying. Not to mention, they are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for travel and a real space-saver at home too. Last, but not least, pestemals are long lasting in that they soften with every wash and get better with use. The perfect gift to share with family and friends.

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